Introduction to the Future of Daily Fantasy Sports & Divisional Round Stocks: Hot/Cold/Watch

While sports gambling remains being an inevitable game of losing, daily fantasy sports, DFS, is emerging tremendously for fans across the globe. Fanvest is extremely unique and it differs from traditional daily fantasy websites such as Fanduel and DraftKings. The most notable difference is that Fanvest incorporates the stock market into daily fantasy based on how players perform, whether it be good or bad. Essentially each player is a stock, that can be bought/sold throughout the week. For the free weekly contest that we offer here at Fanvest, each player is given a starting portfolio balance of 2,500 $FBX. Given this starting balance, the goal is to buy and sell players in order to increase your portfolio while competing versus other users for real prize money. The way each player in your lineup performs will determine if your portfolio will give a high return on investment, leading to a winning lineup.

If you do not have an extensive knowledge with the stock market, DO NOT WORRY. The free contests are perfect for the introduction of learning of how the stock market works in relation to the NFL. For the super-fans with experience, knowledge, and understanding of the concept, there will soon be paid contests that will have various cash prizes competing in different types of contests.

Fanvest Wagering Exchange is the future of daily fantasy sports because of the player-stock market aspect. Injuries, are among one of many factors that can have a serious impact on each player-stock. For example, this past Wild Card Weekend, Ronald Jones, Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB, was ruled out during the warmups of the game on Saturday night. This had a major impact on numerous stocks for the Tampa Bay backfield. Leonard Fournette got the start instead and had an great game with 132 yards and 1 TD. The 0.6% of users that selected Fournette had a major advantage who gained a 136.25% return per share. This type of edge can be the difference between winning and losing.

Divisional Round Players: Hot/Cold/Watch

HOT Player-Stocks to Grab and Hold

  1. Darrel Williams — With Clyde Edwards-Helaire currently listed as questionable, this is an opportunity to buy and hold Williams until the status of Edwards-Helaire is determined. Le’Veon Bell can also have an increased role as well, but Williams will most likely lead the carries from the backfield for the Chiefs if Edwards-Helaire is ruled out. Williams price will most likely open at a small price, but the potential return on investment would be tremendous if Edwards-Helaire is ruled out, and Williams has a decent game vs. the Browns this weekend.
  2. Tyreek Hill- Top tier player such as Tyreek Hill is currently listed as questionable, however, he most likely will play. Which will lead to a most likely increase in the player-stock throughout the week. As well, the lethal Chiefs offense can explode at any second and having a player like Tyreek Hill can be a game-changer.

COLD Player-Stocks to Avoid

  1. Cam Akers — Akers had a great Super Wild Card game vs. the Seattle Seahawks. However, because he did have such a good game last week, his stock price will most likely be high. Therefore, he will have to perform relatively well in the Frozen Tundra a.k.a. Lambeau Field.
  2. Lamar Jackson — Jackson will most likely have a very high starting price, as he did last week. Excluding his 48 yard touchdown run, Jackson would have had a very subpar game last game vs. the 24th-ranked Titans defense. This week versus the 8th-ranked Buffalo Bills defense in Buffalo, I believe that Jackson will be kept in place and not bring a positive return on investment.

Player-stocks to Watch

  1. Ronald Jones — Leonard Fournette

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have listed Ronald Jones as questionable this upcoming week vs. the Saints which will most likely have a serious impact on the Tampa Bay running-back situation.

2. Clyde Edwards-Helaire — Darrell Williams

As mentioned before, this situation should be monitored as well, because if Edwards-Helaire does play, then you would definitely want to sell your Darrel Williams player-stock.